Administration of Academic Services


performance word



The world today depends on strong and high-educated manpower belongs ability of creation and skill to realize performances and standard work quality, that can be applied in neutralism of all people, definitely the MARKET requirements will not be fixed, but changing continuously along with the modern and quickly developments, this matter requires flexibility in application to keep the new requirements.

From this point, the university pays attention to the educational operation through preparing national senate educated in the high reputable universities, and appointing qualified (contracting) senate bearing qualifications from international universities to participate in the educational operation efficiency.

Also the university concentrates on providing advanced educational environment through preparing laboratories of COMPUTERS and languages with the most modern instruments and programs, providing the needs of laboratories and workshops with the most advanced scientific instruments, using modern educational means at the lectures halls, and as a result of which, the university output will be in the required and distinguished manner.

The educational services general directorate is proud with the matter performed in the past three years, and is going to realize the university and its MANAGEMENT aspiration, mission and vision of this university it to be one of the international universities.

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Last Update 5/1/2016 12:37:16 PM