Administration of Academic Services

Our vision 

To provide the best technology and teaching aids in classrooms and equip laboratories with the latest equipment and provide maintenance of scientific equipment..

 Our mission 

Developing teaching techniques, teaching aids, classrooms and laboratories that suits the great advances in teaching methods which serves different sectors of the university, faculty members and students providing the best scientific material to improve the level of educational technologies.

  Our goals

  1. 1. To achieve the vision and mission of the university to be in the ranks of international universities in all fields of education, research and laboratories.
  2.  2.To contribute in achieving the University's educational goals through the development of an attractive educational environment to students that stimulates creativity and development .
  3. 3. Keeping abreast of the international educational techniques, methods of modern education and the development of university educational facilities periodically
  4. 4.Direct supervision of buildings, classrooms and laboratories in terms of optimal preparation of laboratories, research centers and classrooms
  5. 5.Coordinating with different sectors of the university to provide the necessary support in order to achieve the objectives of the educational programs and keep up with their continuous development.


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