Administration of Academic Services

Establishment & Formation

King Abdulaziz university aims at providing educational outputs same as the international levels, this according to its high efforts and interesting given to the student. The means of development and become as the grand countries is to avail from their methods and uses of education definitely the modern methods such as the electronic and distance education.

The large expansion witnessed by King Abdulaziz university such as the increasing number of students and faculties, different branches, which represents a justification by the university top management to establish a department assumes meeting the needs of these faculties including the modern educational means, scientific instruments, labs, workshops and maintenance which is main in serving the educational operation and the student's benefit.

Therefore his Excellency the university manager issues the decision No. 15178/G dated 19/10/2004 to establish the educational services general directorate which joined the main permanent committee for instruments and labs, instruments and labs department, classes and museums dept. then the issuance of his excellence the university manager decision No. 18241/G dated 19/12/2005, to join the center for scientific maintenance and educational means dept. to the educational services general directorate.

Dept. work nature:

An administrative unit followed the university vice chancellor, pays attention to providing the educational services including labs, instruments, classes, museums, educational means, TV transmission and their maintenance for all the faculties and the different sectors.

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