Administration of Academic Services

Educational Services General Directorate

One of f the university objectives is to develop the scientific research, revising books and references and information sources, inspection, discovering new knowledge and enriching the minds with intact cultural and scientific subjects.

It is the best objective gained from the university education, that the culture can not be acquired by accident but obtained through knowing the mission, vision and objective, and then beginning execution of requirements of the educational operation, in order to be translated to means, tools and curricula stimulating the mind and latent energies and talents.

The university student should discover himself and know his position? How to negotiate? Give high scientific topical initiative, and the university should develop the educational operation through entering the most modern of scientific technology to provide suitable academic environment through the lectures halls, equipping them with recent educational means and connecting them to the internet, preparing labs of scientific sections with best instruments, to raise the university output, and according this university graduate will be the most useful output.

From this point of aspiration, the university top management pays attention to begin the main permanent committee for instruments and labs, the establishment of which 22 ago, especially the university has been developed in terms of number of students, number of specialized faculties either in the health or the scientific field in Jeddah, along with their branches in Tabuk, Arar and Rafha, then the provision of labs, instruments, chemical & glass materials and their follow-up is of high cost rather than the committee financing,  this is why the educational services general directorate was established?

Dept. objectives:

1)     Realizing the university mission and vision to be one of the international ones in all the educational, research, labs and community service fields.

2)     Raising the scientific level of the university graduates in all specializations.

3)     Optimal preparation for labs, classes and museums

4)     Realizing relevance between the university outputs and the work requirements

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