Administration of Academic Services

About the committee:

This committee is concerned with securing faculty needs as equipment and laboratory supplies. It is formed by a decision of His Excellency the President of the University upon the nomination of the General Supervisor of the General Administration of Educational Service shall be its head. This committee is responsible for providing the needs of the faculties and different bodies in the university in terms of scientific equipment and laboratory supplies.

Committees Tasks:


  • Prepare rules and regulatory procedures for securing laboratory equipment and disseminate forms for securing such equipment to all sectors of the university

  • Distributing the annual financial allocations to the colleges according to the criteria of distributing the annual financial allocations for the university faculties

  • Follow up on utilizing of the rules and regulatory procedures to secure the equipment and supplies of laboratories at the university, propose amendments that may be necessary to these rules to achieve the best ways and means to simplify and standardize these procedures.

  • Meet the needs of different colleges at the university according to priorities and coordination between them.

  • Members of the Standing Committee and its technical committees review the detailed specifications of the forms prepared by the concerned faculties.

  • Setting the general framework of the policy of securing the needs and human resources necessary for the maintenance of the equipment in laboratories.

  • Setting the general framework for the policy of modernizing the university laboratories and the methods of optimal use.

  • Propose the establishment of buildings and warehouses that serve the operations assisting in securing, using and maintaining the equipment and supplies of laboratories.

  • Coordinate and follow-up with the departments and authorities that is of concern in the university in all that would aid the procedures and transactions of securing laboratory equipment.

 Committees forms:

To communicate with the committee secretary ext. : 64078












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