Administration of Academic Services


Origin and composition

King Abdulaziz University aims to be one of the leading universities in the field of educational technologies. It provides an appropriate academic environment for students through lecture halls by equipping them with the latest educational facilities and laboratories of scientific departments. On 6/9/1425H his Excellency the dean of King Abdulaziz university issued decision number 15178 to establish the General Directorate of Educational Services which included an essential committee for devices and laboratories. In addition to the management of museums, classrooms, devices and laboratories. He then issued decision number 18241 on 18/11/1426 declaring to include the Scientific Equipment Maintenance Center and the management of educational means of the General Directorate of Educational Services.

Since the tasks entrusted to the General Administration of Educational Services have multiplied and branched with the increase in the number of students and related sectors, it became urgent to restructure the administration to meet the latest developments and to enable the Center to meet the needs of different sectors and perform its assigned tasks to the fullest. Accordingly, a new structure has been formed for the General Administration of Educational Services on (20/7/1440) which is transforming departments into sections and adding units to the administration



Administration tasks

  • Building an attractive learning environment that contributes to achieving educational goals and developing learning outcomes.

  • Formulate an integrated strategy to support the learning environment and stimulate support and innovation through the development of classrooms, teaching aids and laboratories.

  • Preparing a complete annual plan to provide educational services to all university faculties and related sectors and provide support and follow-up to the implementation of the plans of departments and units of the Department.

  • Achieving efficient use of the University's educational resources, which includes establishing a database and providing adequate information about the hardware and chemicals at the University and establishing appropriate mechanisms to make the most of the various educational resources.

Identify challenges, difficulties and obstacles, if any, and work to solve them strategically in partnership with the competent authorities.
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